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shea's adventure to Australia

The Night at the Oorainna Bush Camp

Monday, June 1, 2009

So at Oorainna bush camp we were going to sleep under the stars but... It turned out little differently. Alice springs is the driest place in the out back. But it has been either raining or cold since we got here witch doesn't surprise me I think were cursed Americans. Oh well hey we're here and that's all that matters to me. We did not sleep under the stars because of the rain but in my opinion it wasn't that cold. The next day we spent six hours on the bus wahoo!!!!! Not. But the more fun parts of the trip was doing the aboriginal paintings. I messed my first one up and my second one, but I tried to make mine pretty. To the aboriginal people it is not just a painting it's a story. They also use symbols to represent different things about the story there telling. I really enjoyed the aboriginal painting because I like how there's its own story in each of there paintings. So why tell a story when you can tell one. Then later that night I had an interesting dinner I had a kangaroo skillets and emu sausage yummy the emu was great kangaroo was fine but hey I tried it! Well that ends my day. G'day mates.


Susan said...

Six hours on the bus is a long time! You have covered many miles to spend that much time on there. How many miles has the group traveled at this point since landing in Melbourne?
Soak up the heat and the experience, you will be home before you know it and then you will want to be back in Australia.
Mrs. Jensen's mom

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Duration 14 days
When May 25th - June 7th, 2009
Focus Marine Biology
Aboriginal Culture