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shea's adventure to Australia

The Island Adventure

Thursday, June 4, 2009

On Wednesday, the Discovery team spent the day at the aquarium. There we visited all of the exhibits. But the real amazing thing was the night tour. We got a behind the scenes look on how everything works. But before the aquarium we took a Snorkeling 101 class on every thing that would really help me in the water. On Thursday we woke up bright and early...a 4:00 am!!!! Ahhh!!

But it was worth the breath taking views of the ocean sunset and sundown. Orpheus Island - it's paradise here and you can't deny it. The really cool parts of the day was going snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef which was sooo cool. Except for one thing - the coral on the Great Barrier Reef is extermly sharp. I have two bad scrapes one on my hand and the other on the back on my foot. Other than that, underwater see life is a whole other world still waiting to be discovered. Another cool thing that happened today was that we saw a baby black tip shark and it was so cool. The island is a nice peaceful place and time seems to slow when your here but time is still going fast because to think we 3 days left in paradise.


Susan said...

I hope your scrapes heal quickly. Sounds like you saw an amazing underwater world. A little different than what one normally sees in Colorado.
Mrs. Jensen's mom

Jan said...

Shea, I LOVE to snorkel! I love, love, love to snorkel! Did you see any turtles or stingrays? Maybe we can go snorkeling together sometime. I know about sharp coral, been scraped & cut by it myself in the Virgin Islands.
Have a splendid time! Auntie Jan

Anonymous said...

Aaaagh! I've always been scared of snorkeling there cause of the sharks! Brave girl! Snorkeling with turtles is about my speed! :)
Auntie Nise

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Focus Marine Biology
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